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Breeanna Wright - Poet

Breeanna first discovered poetry as a young girl and deepened that connection in adulthood when she began translating her undying need for expression into words on the page. Her passion for the art led her to enter a poetry competition and as a result, in 2018, a single poem of hers was published in Volume 2 of "Colorism Essays and Poems". Breeanna’s poetry predominantly covers love, the complexities and struggles of Blackness, and the struggle and beauty of feminine life. She hopes to give others a voice through her words and to inspire healing through her work. You can follow Breeanna on Instagram at @sincerely_breeanna

"At the core of everything, love is what inspires me. The way it manifests itself in so many forms from physical touch to something more abstract like art. Additionally, I am inspired by God, my family and nature. All of those things influence my work heavily".


“Welcome Mat”


On this welcome mat

Good men with bad hearts know welcome

Like carpet know stain


Take for hostage the souls of good women

Tracking mud onto their floors

And burden onto their hearts

On this welcome mat

Good men with bad mouths

Mold insecurities into daggers

That dig deep into independent skin of strong women

Who know want and need

Are as far from similar as father and daddy

See on this welcome mat

Good men with bad habits

Mastered breaking hearts, breaking homes and breaking promises

Before they learned build her up

So they break her down

Praise her strength then snatch her crown

Cause there can only be one leader round


And that’s king

Ain’t no room for queens

Well ain’t no room for peasants either

So pack your things

Cause here

On this welcome mat

Good women with scarred hearts

Teach good men with bad parts





swallowed by darkness

yet heavy with potential

force through shadow with hands of determination

stretch eager to Heaven

drink sunlight

taste rain

birth beauty in storm

but this ain’t magic

it’s brilliance

the way stress become nourishment in your garden

better yet

let’s call it bravery

because only the brave feel adversity and think



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