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Daniel Haynes - Author

Daniel is an Army Vet that has served as both a Helicopter (Huey) Mechanic/Crew Chief and then later as a Civil Affairs Specialist. Daniel's passion for classic horror films/monsters began when his father would buy, build and paint monster models for him. The Wolf Man was his favorite and continues to serve as inspiration for the unique and frightening characters he creates today.

"The Wolf Man was my favorite and led to my idolizing Lon Chaney Jr, whom I share a birthday with as I was to later learn."

Daniel began writing when his former wife encouraged him to do so. After constantly telling her of possible storylines he had dreamt up, she finally told him to "stop being lazy and actually WRITE" what he had been verbally sharing with her.

The first project to come from that encouragement was a horror fiction tale set in a demonically possessed state park. Daniel used the state park in his hometown and changed both the names of the park and town. His finished product, after editing services were provided, was almost published by a German-based publishing company, a few years ago. He was informed that it tested very well with book clubs in New York state and Seattle. Unfortunately, after a personal rift with one of their executives, the collaboration fell through and the book was never published.

Daniel went on to write a thus far 2-book fan fiction crossover continuation series of two older television shows, one about a werewolf and the other about a vampire, which received high praise by author-columnist Ryan Vandergriff in the form of two articles in VENTS Magazine you can read here and here. Unfortunately, both shows and their characters are the copyright property of a large studio that has thus far refused to permit further novelization of their properties.

Daniel is currently writing "The Elementals", the first book in his original horror series, "The Companions".


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