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Rebecca Queen - Author

Rebecca was born in Lima, Peru. Her family soon relocated to California, where she grew up in the cities of LA and Rancho Cucamonga, which she considers her hometown. It was there that, thanks to her school’s strict reading requirement and like most millennials her age, she picked up Twilight for the first time and fell in love with reading. She has ravenously devoured books of all kinds ever since, though she is biased toward YA. She is currently living in Lima, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and where she works as an English teacher. Rebecca likes to spend her free time traveling, hanging out with her dogs and horses, and, of course, creating new worlds through words. Her debut YA fantasy novel, Elysian, will be out in 2021. Follow Rebecca on social media @RebeccaQueen094


I’m inspired by the “what if” of it all. What if there’s more to the world that we can see? What if we had made a different decision that spiraled us down a path we could have never foreseen? What if all the stories of witches, vampires, dragons were all true? When I’m sitting in front of a computer writing, I live in these “what if” worlds. They are true and I can write about worlds I’d love to live in and characters I could aspire to be in some way, shape, or form. My only hope is that others will be able to get lost in my stories and enjoy them as much as I do when I’m writing them. 



A Celestian Novel

Gods. Angels.

Myth, right?


Kary’s about to find out that they’re all real.

And she’s one of them.

Kary thought she was a normal human girl. She didn’t think anything strange about the cliched way her adoptive parents found her on their doorstep one night. That is, until she meets someone (something?) that shows her otherwise and she begins having visions of past lives. Visions that look a lot like the myths she never believed in and that reveal that everything bad that’s been happening was her fault to begin with.

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