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S. A. Sebuchi - Author

S.A. Sebuchi grew up in Eastern Washington and discovered a love for writing at a young age.  She travelled to the west side of the state to attend the University of Washington in Seattle where she received a BA in Comparative History of Ideas.  She enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her family and dog. Sebuchi lives a ferry ride away from Seattle with her husband, two kids, and dog.

I love writing. It’s the “what if” questions that get me going. What if the government decided who was allowed to have children, what would that world look like? What if the people in this world believed government-sanctioned reproduction was vital for survival? How did the government convince them of this? It just takes this seed and I’m lost in my new world. These are the questions that inspired my post-apocalyptic trilogy and I sure had a lot of fun answering those what if questions." 

"I love writing. It’s the “what if” questions that get me going."

The Last Colony

In a world ravaged by radiation the last colony has gone to extreme measures to ensure successful human reproduction, but is it worth the cost?  Annabelle lives in the last colony of people on Earth and is considered an old maid at age 22. In fact, she only has three more years before the Colony denies her motherhood. She doesn't worry about this fact, however, since she works for the Parenthood Association which grants permission to worthy couples petitioning for parenthood. She figures when she finds the right man, she'll easily attain permission and the status perks that come with parenthood. She loves her life, and the Colony, until the day her grandmother dies and leaves her a key which unlocks a secret. Shaken by her grandmother's final words, she begins to doubt everything. Her trust in the Colony is further tested when she embarks on a mission to the ruins of Seattle. She begins a new quest for answers even though she fears what she may find.

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