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Sometimes living in the Pacific Northwest is all the inspiration you need

Speculative fiction author, S.A. Sebuchi’s debut novel not only takes place in the wilds of Washington, it was inspired by them.

When S.A. Sebuchi sits down to work on her latest project, it isn’t behind a desk.

“I don’t have a desk or designated writing spot. All I need is my laptop and I’ll get lost in my imagination. Writing for me is the best escape in the world, and I love going on journeys with my characters and discovering their worlds.”

Both Sebuchi’s love for writing and love of the outdoors began at a young age. For part of elementary school Sebuchi lived in Northern Idaho where her family had a house in the woods. “I spent all my time outside, imagining the forest was a magical world (usually there were unicorns involved). Those are my fondest childhood memories and I think I craved the woods because I wanted to recapture that magical time in my life. Now that I have my own acreage I feel like I'm back home. An added bonus is that my imagination has been turbocharged — which is great for writing books.”

From fourth grade on, Sebuchi grew up in Eastern Washington. After high school she travelled to the west side of the state to attend the University of Washington in Seattle. Driving across the mountains for holiday and weekend visits ended up having a profound effect on her upcoming novel, The Edge of Cascadia. “When I went to college in Seattle I drove across the mountains many times to visit my parents. That's the same path Annabelle (my main character) takes to Seattle and taking that road has allowed me to envision her journey.” Many of the scenes in Sebuchi’s book are from actual locations she’s been to while driving across the state.

Sebuchi’s home in the woods, where she lives with her husband and two children, provides an abundance of inspiration for her writing. “I’m always inspired by nature and love writing outside. Listening to the singing birds and the trickling creek helps transport me to magical places.”

The Edge of Cascadia

In a world ravaged by radiation, the last colony has gone to extreme measures to ensure successful human reproduction, but is it worth the cost?

The Edge of Cascadia is S.A. Sebuchi's debut speculative fiction novel. Sebuchi pulls from her experiences living in the PNW, as well as her degree in Comparative History of Ideas, to create a future where freedom is an illusion and the outside world is not what it seems.

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