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Now Coming April 6, 2021

The Pilgrim's Soul


Sam Kane

Easily one of the best books I've ever read. The author's ability to describe situations (that to me seemed impossible to describe) was fantastic. Without giving too much away, the description of how it feels to be a grown man in a baby's body has one of the most remarkable things I've read in my life. I highly recommend this book, and can't wait for the second! - Jason T (goodreads)


Now Coming April 13, 2021

Elysian: A Celestian Novel

Rebecca Queen

I absolutely loved Elysian and couldn't put it down! Kary's journey of becoming Alarice was mesmerizing and enlightening. Rebecca Queen's writing draws you into the world she has created so well; I felt like I was living the story myself. - Samantha Bloxom, LA

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