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Though she resides in Peru, author Rebecca Queen is still living the American dream

Rebecca Queen’s debut novel Elysian is about a California girl thrust into a whole new world – not unlike Rebecca herself.

Shortly after her birth in 1994, Rebecca Queen’s family immigrated from Peru to Southern California. For Rebecca, growing up in LA and Rancho Cucamonga was idyllic. She had great friends, played clarinet in the symphonic band, and was on the honor roll. After school, she and her friends would go to the Starbucks at the corner of their street or the Korean market for some dumplings and ramune.

It was in Rancho Cucamonga that Rebecca discovered her love for books. The school she attended required students to keep track of how many pages they were reading in a day/week/month. They also wrote book reports and had to reach a yearly word goal.

Rebecca credits her California education with giving her the freedom to read the books that would eventually inspire her to write one of her own. She says that in Peru things are different; kids are given a strict list of books to read and then analyze in class.

When the Great Recession hit, Rebecca’s family were forced to close their small business and returned to Peru in search of financial stability. Rebecca says that she loved adventure and would have been excited to move somewhere else in the US, but was devastated when they told her they would be moving to Peru.

“It was as if they had told me we were moving to Mars. I also had a boyfriend at the time and that made the idea of leaving the country suck even more. I considered running away, emancipation, tracking down a vampire so they could make me immortal. I don’t know how that would have helped me not move, but… the thing is, I didn’t know anything about the country, so I imagined what I’d seen in The Emperor’s New Groove: mountains and llamas and ponchos. And while there is all that, there’s also cities.”

Rebecca’s characters share a similar background with their creator, but a much different future. Elysian, is influenced by myths and religions from around the world. It takes historical events and gives them a new layer of magic and a fantastical explanation. Elysian is aimed at readers who like to see magic integrated into the real world but also for those who enjoy reading about different universes. Elysian, which is book one of the Celestian series, shares similar elements with the Shadowhunter series by Cassandra Clare and the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

Rebecca resides in Lima, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and currently works as an English teacher. Rebecca spends her free time traveling (pre-covid), hanging out with her dogs and horses, and, of course, creating new worlds through words.

Learn more about Rebecca and the Celestian Series at https://therebeccaqueen.wixsite.com/home

Experience the magic of Elysian for yourself.

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