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Tatiana Flores - Poet

Tatiana was born 1998 in Andorra, where she was raised in a multicultural and multilingual household. She fluently speaks German, Spanish, English, French and Catalan. In 2012 she moved with her family to Germany, near the area where her mother grew up. Ever since Tatiana can remember, she's been writing poetry and short stories in English, German, and Spanish. Due to health problems she had to stop her scholar education in 2016; since then she has educated herself from home. Tatiana writes as a free author for the online magazine for young girls and women In her free time she loves playing the guitar, drawing colorful artworks, and passionately playing chess.


"Writing has helped me immensely throughout my entire life. It has helped me to deal better with the hard sides of it and allowed me to express myself greatly when I most needed it. I’m really thankful I’ve discovered this art for myself from a very early age on, and it gives me great pleasure to share my writing and thoughts with the world."


Butterfly effect

I remember the day of the battle core;

The day I cried, the day we died.

You shouldn’t have called me your butterfly;

Now I’m spreading my wings;

I’m not coming back this time.

I remember the day we hit the shore;

The day I told you, up to here and no more.

You shouldn’t have called me your butterfly;

You should have kept in mind;

That everything is meant to die.

A tiny mistake can have the most terrible effect;

You shouldn’t have called me your butterfly;

Now I’m flapping my wings ready to catch flight;

And I’m not coming back again this time.

-Tatiana Flores


You can Tatiana, her poetry, and writing here.

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