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Alisha Shumway - Artist and Illustrator

Alisha has been doing art since she was small and drawing on the walls for her mom. She has since tried to work in mediums that won't cause anyone to lose their rent deposit. She has experimented with many mediums while attending an Idaho community college, including: clay, watercolors, oil, charcoal, mixed media, and digital. She received her BA in illustration and stayed an extra year to get a minor in child psychology. She moved to Washington State as quickly as possible and started working as a Behavior Therapist. Since then she has spent all of her free time tweaking her art style and improving her technique. She still enjoys working in other mediums for fun, but began doing pieces (that she wanted to print for herself!) in digital and expanded from there. She has done freelance work for seven years, sold her art on t-shirts, and even illustrated a private book for a friend.

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"I continued to try to get my art out there because I know there are beautiful strangers out there that are as peculiar and fantastic as I am. Individuals who embrace differences and strange happenings and enjoy the whimsical side of life. These are the people who I love to draw, the ones that I see walking down the street. Washington is full of people who aren't afraid of expressing themselves and they are amazing inspiration".


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