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Sohma Rae Hathaway - Artist, Author, and Speaker

Sohma was born and raised in Northern Utah amidst a good deal of turmoil, having moved 13 times before graduating from high school and then another 23 times since.

Her budding artistic talent was evident at the age of seven. She became a self-taught artist, and went on to earn the Sterling Scholar Award in Visual Art amidst challenging odds. She has continued to create works of art during additional hardships as an adult.

These painful experiences helped her dig further into her creativity to produce deep emotional expressions that stir the soul. Her works have a great diversity from oils to watercolor, portraiture work to countless murals. Some of her most sought-after oil paintings include inspirational allegories using symbols of faith and hope.

"I measure success not by how many things someone has accomplished but by what they endured to get there, not by a person's income but by the impact they have given to the world."
"Victor Frankl is one of my favorites. If any of us think we had it tough, we need only read A Man's Search for Meaning. His brilliant perspective and determination kept him alive during his unfathomable experiences in the concentration camps of the Holocaust."

Raised in a home fraught with drugs, alcohol, and abuse, she is quite familiar with the broken patterns and belief systems that can bind us to misery. Having survived and even thrived through a plethora of painful experiences, Sohma was inspired to share her story with others. Her book, Finding Diamonds in Dungeons, illustrates the power of the human spirit in overcoming great trials as she has dealt with cancer, divorce, death of loved ones, narcissistic abuse and chronic physical pain, to name a few. Gleaning on these personal experiences, she has developed the tools necessary to excel in life no matter what challenges may come.

You can learn more about Sohma and her work at

For commissions, email Sohma at

Click here for the story of 'Hope Waits', and what inspires Sohma.

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Jun 18, 2021

Wow! Thats quite the story! Her paintings are absolutely gorgeous. If mine ever turn out half as good I will be ecstatic. I see a kindred spirit in her picture. After ones own trauma you begin to recognize certain things when you look into someone's eyes. I'm going to have to buy her book and read it now and possibly copies for a few others.

Sohma Rae Hathaway
Sohma Rae Hathaway
Jun 22, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much for your comments and interest, Tamera. I love that you are an artist (kindred spirit). I hope you enjoy my book. Feel free to reach out to me via the email above. Happy painting!

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