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Lisa Nevot - Intentional Art with impact

Being the oldest of five children can make it challenging to get parents attention, so when Lisa Nevot's dad noticed her drawing talent, she kept at it as a way of connecting with him. After winning awards as young as sixth grade, he even enrolled her in private classes. He told her over and over "you are an artist". What she wanted to be was an archeologist.

By the time she was in high school, not only was Lisa winning awards and grants for her artwork, she was being paid for it. By college, her dreams had changed from wanting to be an archeologist to pursuing a career in theater. While in school studying theater, Lisa's artwork paid her tuition.

"Funny thing is, I am a self taught artist. So although I was doing art and being paid for it, I was focused elsewhere."

That became the running theme in her 20's as Lisa pursued other dreams in Hollywood CA. She eventually left the entertainment industry, all the while continuing to work in the art industry. After 30+ years, Lisa has finally come to terms with the fact that she is, indeed, an artist.

"I used to see it as a curse. Now I realize, I GET to be an artist in this life and I feel beyond blessed and grateful for what I have experienced. It has brought to me my closest friends, my lovers, my health, my home, and freedoms. I can't imagine doing anything else."

Lisa believes in the power of art to unite and express a world unfolding and new. Art is her regulator. It is the beat of her heart staying slow and steady. Gently pulsing and deeply soothing. Her art is designed to reflect the abstraction and beauty of our relationship to life's messiness through fluidity and dedication. She lets each piece become it's natural self and does not force or try to make her art do anything. It just does.

The Voice of the Wood

Lisa is a lover of nature and has dedicated this collection to the re-planting of trees. For every piece sold, 5 trees (possibly more) will be planted through #TeamTrees.

"Working with the wood includes finding re-claimed, repurposed, or re-purchased wood. The ultimate goal is to use what has already fallen and been gifted to us."

You can learn more about The Voice of the Wood here.

Nevot art has been collected throughout the world. Lisa has been self-published as well as published through Random House. She is also licensed on works from statuary to clothing. She has lived as a professional artist selling her work for close to 35 years. It is not only her job, it is her life.

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