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Darice H. - Poet and Artist

Darice (rhymes with Paris) believes in sharing her work with as many people as possible. When writing, she goes by Alex on Instagram @alex.intheabyss (or remains Anonymous) as she doesn’t want her name to distract from the content of her work. She is inspired by nature and loves being outdoors, hiking, camping, and snowboarding. When she isn’t outside, she’s reading, writing, painting, or cooking. She writes about love, loss, and all the ups and downs one can experience on the spectrum of human emotions. What she cannot capture with words, she attempts to illustrate on canvas.

"I’m inspired by my relationships and the people around me! I often see so many people struggle to find the right words to express themselves and the hope is they can read my work and feel that there’s someone out there who understands how they feel."



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