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Nandi L. Fernandez - Artist

Nandi considers herself a global citizen. She is an illustrator, Concept Artist and Animator. A Ugandan born in the United Kingdom, grew up in Uganda, Zambia and Liberia where her love for travel, art and exploring different African cultures was nurtured.

Naturally she was drawn to storytelling through visual art, the interest was cultivated during her childhood years, having her first published painting at fourteen years old in the Imango Mundi Luciano Benetton Collection.

Graduating high school at fifteen years old, she developed her skills further with a Diploma in Concept Art from Vancouver Animation School and a Bachelors degree in Animation from SAE Dubai.

Nandi has since worked as a concept artist at Lionheart Studio in Singapore, illustrated educational materials for the United Nations Children’s Fund ( UNICEF), and illustrated various children’s books while she travels the world.

You can find more of Nandi's work at


"What inspires me? My culture, where I come from".

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