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Tess Kane - Artist

Colorado based artist and illustrator, Tess Kane, has been creating works of art in a variety of applications throughout her entire life.  Inspired by her artist father throughout her childhood, Tess is primarily self-taught, and has created illustrations for books, album covers, and personal projects.  Tess works in an array of mediums, including traditional painting and drawing, and digital media.

Since her childhood, Tess has had a particular affinity toward old and magical imagery, and is inspired by such things as the beautiful details found in nature’s small objects, the allure of the life of fairies, and the reminiscence of classical art and historical fashion.  Later in her youth, Tess grew a fondness for graphic art applications, and continues to wonder about her attraction to the ugly Kitcsh art of the 1960’s and 70’s. You can see more of her work on Twitter @CarniFaeStudio

I take inspiration from art and objects I love, forever looking to expand my techniques. I am always looking to experiment with new styles, seeking to make an image that is beautifully designed, appropriately impactful, and elegantly detailed.

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